15. Januar 2009#

Multidmedia Client Case Study


Zinc client case study for Lamborghini / Nowakstudios on multidmedia.com

“Zinc was the only tool that gave us the power to build 100% standalone projectors for all platforms from one project file.”

When Lamborghini unveiled its most extreme production car ever, the 650bhp Lamborghini Reventon, Lamborghini commissioned the designers at Nowakstudios to design and create an interactive desktop application and electronic press kit.

Developer Insight

Nowakstudios is a digital design company based in Cologne, Germany. Established in 1980 as a photographic studio specializing in transportation and car photography, Nowakstudios now provide long-term clients with new media solutions for both online and offline mediums.

Tom Nowak, co-founder and designer of the digital design department at Nowakstudios, is a trained professional in Graphic and Sound Design. Tom has worked for high profile clients such as Jaguar, Ford and EMI Music and is also the creative mind of Nowakstudios digital desktop.”

When asked about the design process at Nowakstudio, Tom explained how every decision made is based around the client’s objectives and brief.

“Our design teams plan, brainstorm and experiment in order to create a final product that is always unique, well designed and functional.”

The Project

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is unrivalled worldwide as a manufacturer of extreme and uncompromising super sports cars. Lamborghini cars are incomparable through their blend of fascinating design, supreme driving dynamics and extremely high level of quality. A sports car from Lamborghini is exclusive, sensual, provocative and always unmistakably Italian.

In 2007 Lamborghini unveiled its most extreme production car everĀ  the 650bhp Lamborghini Reventon. In preparation for the Reventons official launch, Lamborghini commissioned the designers at Nowakstudios to design and create an interactive desktop application and electronic press kit that matched the brands’ core attributes, which the Italian car manufacturer calls its DNA: exclusive, sensual, provocative. To add an additional level of pressure, the interactive desktop application needed to work X-Platform across Windows and Mac OSX.

Nowakstudios got to work on this mammoth project. “The entire desktop application, including its intensive animation, was built with Adobe Flash CS3 and then compiled with Zinc for Mac OS X and Windows.” Tom is eager to point out that the added challenge of developing for 2 platforms was eliminated by Zincs X-Platform compiling capabilities.

“It was very reassuring to know that whatever we built would perform as expected on all platforms” explains Tom, “this let us concentrate on building a great application without compromises.”

Lamborghini were so impressed with the final product, that 6 months later they once again commissioned Nowakstudios to create and produce an electronic press kit for the new Gallardo LP560-4. In turn, Nowakstudios once again used Flash CS3 and Zinc 3.0 to deliver a cross platform desktop application which worked on both Windows Vista and Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

“Working with Flash CS3 and Zinc is great” proclaims Tom, “The Gallardo project needed a slightly different design to the Reventon press kit. A glossy white atmosphere dominates the look and feel. Using Zinc meant we could concentrate on the design and not have to worry about the technical challenges.”

Favourite Features

The design team at Nowakstudios are no strangers to Zinc, as Tom explains:

“We did an extensive comparison between different tools that allowed us to build real desktop applications using flash. Zinc 3.0 was the only tool that gave us the power to build 100% standalone projectors for all platforms, in particular Windows and Mac OSX, which also provides File System functions such as ‘Save’ and ‘Copy’ files.”

Tom continued to elaborate on how important File System capabilities were to the Project.

“The ability to save files locally was essential, as well as being able to build cross platform projectors without compromising functionality. Being able to copy files, or export resources created at runtime ensured that we were able to deliver what the client wanted without worrying about finding our own ways around complex security issues.”

Another important aspect of Zinc which Tom was keen to praise was its integration with Flash. In particular, Tom was impressed with the seamless way in which the Zinc API, {mdm}Script 3.0, worked with ActionScript. “Having methods which share similar syntax to those native in Actionscript made integrating Zinc very easy and the learning curve smooth. The documentation was clear and the forums a great help in building a swift knowledge of Zinc’s capabilities.”

Since this particular case study was submitted (October 2008) Nowakstudios have been commissioned for a 3rd time to product a desktop application for Lamborghini. This time, the project was for the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Estoque at the Paris Motor Show 2008. Needless to say, Nowakstudios once again turned to Zinc 3.0 to develop the application!

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